Art Prints

Tony Warrilow

$85.00 small price, big impact

Image: Aerial series. Scope.

We produce the smaller size art prints for $85.00. So, for that modest amount, what do you get for your dollars?

Well firstly you get the same images as available in the larger sizes, same look, same fine art paper and the same embossing and signature.

And as a final presentation…..

In some ways the strength of the smaller size is "the size" and that you don’t need a feature wall to present the prints on. This creates plenty of options.

Individually they sit  well or group more than one print and you can get a bit more creative with your presentation. Put them with other Warrahwillah prints or prints from other sources.

As gifts they have all the benefits of being cost effective and once again because of their size you will be giving something that comes with lots of flexibility.

The technical detail.

Warrahwillah prints are produced on Canson Rag Photographique paper. The look of the paper is a smooth and understated allowing the image to be the strength of the presentation. The overall presentation is always sophisticated and typically vibrant.

We send the prints rolled in a protective tube.

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